" Do not entertain vertigo or hug the mountain.
Put your weight away from your instincts
and surrender to gravity.
Any true journey is harrowing, the arrival
exhilarating. It takes style and grace
to suppress the whining mind."
Judith Adams








Demeter Matrix Alliance offers a full array of coaching services utilizing two master practitioners Sarita Chawla, MCC (ICF Certified), and Craig Fleck, MCC (ICF certified) Andrea Dyer, PCC (ICF Certified), and Danny St. Peter, PCC.

We have coached on all levels, from CEO to Senior Managers and provide coaching on a wide range of development issues with each coach having a different specialty focus.

Our approach to coaching is best described as Integral Coaching and all Demeter Matrix coaches are trained and certified by New Ventures West. Sarita is a long time instructor of coaches through New Ventures West, offering their year long Professional Coaching Certification and a wide variety of Master Classes around the country and globally.
Coaching Programs are typically 4-6 months in length and involve an assessment process, agreement on outcomes and a individualized development plan, regular coaching sessions every other week of 1-2 hours with exercises and assignments in between sessions.
Please contact us about more details and pricing for our coaching services and customized programs tailored to your needs.


Our consulting covers the range of Organizational Development, Learning and Change. We focus on change, learning and development as a function of changing conversations in organizations and noticing and helping to evolve patterns of behavior and interaction as a result of the emerging conversation and engagement in the organization. We have not seen forced or programmed change produce long term and sustainable results for our clients, thus the importance of true engagement and development coming from the inside out.

Demeter Matrix consultants have each been active organizational consultants for over 20 years. Working across sectors, including many Fortune 100 companies, our approach is best characterized by building a long term partnership with our clients and focusing on change and development by building capacity and competence within the client system, so that ownership and sustainability rests squarely with the organization and not with an outside consultant.

Some samples of projects and outcomes:
GE Capital: GE Capital (GEC) was the financial arm of GE. It had been growing rapidly since beginning to expand internationally in the early 90’s. It was now 30 different companies, 120,000 employees and most of this growth had happened through acquisition. GEC’s Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence (CLOE) wanted a Leadership program for their hi-potential leaders across the business. Demeter Matrix Alliance, in partnership with CLOE and two other consulting firms, developed the custom solution in 1997 – The Advanced Leadership and Facilitation Network, a year long program to develop advanced skills in Leadership, Coaching, Facilitation (complex meetings) and Personal Mastery. Cohorts of 30-40 leaders from all parts of the business came together for 3 sessions over a 9 month period, with 360 assessments at the start and finish and coaching sessions by the instructors throughout the program.

SUN: In 2000, Sun Microsystems was hiring people faster than they could seat them. They were expanding into new facilities in Santa Clara, had campuses in Broomfield, CO, Newark, CA, and Scotland in development. They could not produce enough servers to meet the demand. Sun had chosen to initiate a Six Sigma program to increase the quality and availability of across their server line and knew that they would need some help handling the change required by these two pressures. After initially bringing in GE’s change program, Change Acceleration Process (CAP), Sun decided to customize that offering with Demeter Matrix. Together we developed SunCAP (Change Acceptance Process) from the ground up to suit the unique needs and challenges that Sun was facing. This program was delivered globally by Demeter Matrix Alliance, building a cadre of internal change leaders, agents and facilitators throughout the organization.
Other Consultation Clients:

Demeter Matrix consultants provide facilitation services for complex meetings such as strategic planning retreats, board retreats, critical decision-making, team development sessions, change implementation planning, large scale collaboration efforts, community and stakeholder involvement, design of learning systems and capacity development. Our approach to facilitation is results oriented, collaborative and utilizes a broad repetiore of processes, tools and methodologies to accomplish our clients desired ends.


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