Tell me, what is it you plan to do with you one wild and precious life?”
- Mary Oliver





The women's circle of development is a gift to myself. The coming together of different women sharing the needs and hopes for a better life, and moving that into reality is extraordinary. I was working hard to make my life better - this is a new way to achieve that very reasonable goal. If you thought you weren't the type to enter into anything called transformational, this is the place for you.
Elaine Varelas, Managing Partner, Keystone Partners













“I had been looking for a ‘life coaching’ experience, not realizing fully what this could mean, until I was introduced to the Women’s Circle, ALIR. The unique combination of collective wisdom, shared in the context of safety and support, plus individualized coaching practices designed and guided by elite coaches, produced life-changing breakthroughs for me.
  I consider the experience an investment in myself that will be realized across the continuum of a lifetime. "
Chris Ardito, Marketing & Branding Consultant, Internet entrepreneur, Animal rights activist.




Change Effectiveness
      Introduction to Change
      Change Acceptance Program
      Change Team Acceleration
      Sensing and Shaping the Future
Introduction to Systems Thinking
Leadership Development
Team Development
Women's Circles
Women's Leadership

Programs on Change Effectiveness:

Introduction to Change (IC): One-day overview of Foundational principles and practices of effective change in today’s fast paced, chaotic and complex environment. Although you cannot manage change, you can be aware of common patterns which occur during any significant change in order to support the change and build alignment with key organizational stakeholders and help ensure productive and generative movement forward. This one-day program is for Leaders and Change Agents who are responsible for mobilizing commitment around change.

Change Acceptance Process (CAP): Comprehensive program offering tools and methods to effectively bring about change in a complex organization. This 4 day program examines in detail the principles and practices of actually facilitating change in an organization. A practical and specific program, we work with current change projects you are responsible for, applying the tools and methods in small working groups where you gain first hand experience facilitating a team in these change practices.
Participants receive:
An overarching model for handling Change effectively in organizations
A structure of critical conversations
A set of tools that support different aspects of change,
Guidelines of how to effectively facilitate this approach with groups or teams
Time to apply these to changes currently going on in their organization.
Addresses articulating the Need for change, building a Compelling story of the change, collaboratively constructing the Vision of possibility, designing Stakeholder engagement and fostering commitment, mapping the transition to the new state, engaging networks of support and understanding resistance and integrating the Systems and Structures required to imbed the change in the organizations’ daily operations.
This program is less about the strategy creation and more about the effective implementation of a chosen strategy.

Change Team Acceleration (CTA): This 2-day experience is less about change education and more about making actual project progress. Using the CAP Model, we first assess the current needs of the project and then facilitate the team through the use of the appropriate tools, generating work products and action plans as we go. This program requires a 1⁄2 to full day of prep work, depending on the project’s complexity.

Sensing and Shaping the Future:
Most organizations are reeling from a combination of unyielding pressures which force them to constantly change and adapt. Our stance is that, while any of these approaches may be of great service and benefit at times – only the organization itself knows the path to healthy evolution and can determine with wisdom what is next. The art of this approach is “coming alongside” the organization and partnering in such a way that the organization senses itself in a new way and pays attention to what is emerging on a continual basis.
Our process of doing this is outlined in the program, ‘Sensing and Shaping the Future”.
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Introductory Program:
Powerful opportunities and resources are available when we establish co-creative partnerships with the systems with which we work. We view individuals, groups, organizations and communities as living systems in a natural process of evolution. When we face unfamiliar opportunities, overwhelming complexity, confusion or conflict, we endeavor to discover what phase of development the system is in. We facilitate change according to the natural processes and skills that correspond with the system's developmental stage.
This approach enables us to locate ourselves in confusing situations—even amidst profound complexity and conflict—and to be able to sense what is needed and offer productive guidance.
The Experience
As we explore participants’ real cases, you will experience first-hand different ways to enter into the kind of co-creative partnership that allows us to discover how a system is unfolding in natural ways. You will practice utilizing a “balcony perspective” to recognize powerful yet invisible patterns and structures that influence how things happen/emerge in a group or organization. Through immersion in the simulation process we call a "lab," you will consider some of the consequences of different options for action before committing to a particular path forward. You will see how this approach can be adapted and applied in diverse settings. You will also expand your network of support.
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Integral Coaching -
is a skillful methodology to develop self and others in a systematic way. It is based on our answer to the questions of
" What is a human being? What does it take to develop a human being? and How does change happen?"
Our coaching methodology rests on a solid foundation of relationship characterized by trust, respect, and constructive conversations. The goal of our coaching is to develop competence that leads to both effective performance and personal fulfillment. Our coaching is based on the premise that every person is both unique and constantly changing.

An Invitation to the Fifth Women’s Circle of Development
“ A Life in Relationship”
“ Integral Life Design: Personal Development in a Community of Support”

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
-Mary Oliver

" Really growing up, becoming truly yourself — this takes openness and receptivity, inspiration, a loving heart, stability and persistence, trust in the world and in yourself."- Norman Fischer

The call to offer women’s circles of development has been our passionate desire for years. Thus far, four have been offered in California, Boston and Hawaii. These groups have come together to learn, play, reflect, witness, develop and unfold together. Almost seventy women have joined so far in deep personal and collective work. The invitation has endured and still calls.

· Have you been reflecting on what is really next for you in your life, but not sure how to begin?
· Have you had difficulty in bringing different parts and pieces of your life into an integrated, balanced whole?
· Are you yearning for deep inquiry and creative play with like-minded women?
· Have you been called to (and yet not know how to) connect with a community of support that would allow you to be more fulfilled and serve what the world needs?
· Do you find yourself humming the lines: “What’s it all about, Alfie?”

We invite you on a journey into your interior landscape and into the external world. We will go where women seldom go. This will be a journey of individual and collective development where we will experience being supported and supportive, where each is seen and respected for who they are, really. We will create a holding environment, a sacred space for the unfoldment of each woman.

At the heart of this program is the opportunity to work on your own development with a professional certified coach. During this time you will experience both one on one integral coaching, as well as the support of a women’s circle. Our intention is to create the combined experience of individual and collective development.

In a manner of speaking, when we are born, we are alone and when we die, we are alone. In between, we are in a Life of Relationship: we will explore, assess and cultivate this Life of Relationship. We will directly experience connection and presence. We will dive into questions….What does it mean to be fully human? What does it mean to be a woman being fully human? The current times are calling upon us as women to step into being fully human as a woman and ask “How can we serve, and how can we lead?” This will require an evolving relationship with ourselves resulting in the increased joy and freedom that comes from knowing: “I’m OK just as I am.” It comes from developing basic trust.

Our promise: An experience of being personally coached towards achieving your developmental goals over a nine-month period.
Our promise: More competence at living our lives more skillfully and meaningfully in relationship with ourselves, others, and the Earth/Environment…in an integrated way.
Our promise: an experience of belonging and the capacity to re-create that experience with circles, support systems, and communities of practice.

We invite you to participate in a group of up to 14 women who will meet for two, three and a half-day retreats within eight months. In the time between these gatherings, you will be working with your coach and you will have time to connect with other women from the circle of support.
The format will be individual one on one coaching, teaching, group calls, circle work, homework assignments, large and small group work, ritual and creative expression, (we will work with music, poetry, art and movement).

Our time together will also include group calls with guest speakers/authors, as well as additional calls to go deeper into content and weave our inquiry and dialogue.

A Life in Relationship

October 3, 4, 5 & 6, 2008
April 9, 10, 11 & 12 2009

Day 1: 5:00 – 9:00 pm
Day 2: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm, with dinner following
Day 3: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm
Day 4: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Structure will include two four-day retreats, six group check in calls, individual
customized Integral Coaching program, 10 - 12 individual coaching calls, e-mail and phone

Holden, Massachusetts (at the home of Donelle Wright, 40 miles from
Boston in the beautiful rolling hills of central Massachusetts) .

Program Leaders

Sarita Chawla
Karen Aznoian

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Programs in Systems Sensing and Thinking

1-3 Day(s) Custom Design Programs on Systems Sensing and Thinking
An introductory program on the basic building blocks of a system thinking approach, learning about reinforcing and balancing structures and introducing key classic archetypes by applying to personal and professional lives.
An advanced program that delves further into applying systems archetypes to current business, chronic, complex business issues. Essential pre-work on defining issues and key attendees to have whole systems represented in room.
Half to One day Clinics on Chronic, Complex Business Issues:
Develop the capacity to apply systems thinking to your business issues while engaging multiple perspectives on the issue and exposing additional folks to a systems approach. Typically follows the intro or advanced program to develop competency of key set of individuals in organization to further systems thinking application.
Hourly Coaching on Systems Thinking:
Competency takes practice, practice, practice. One on one or small group coaching on applying systems thinking to your business issues.

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